Boulder’s Conservation Legacy

Boulder’s Conservation Legacy

Ruth Wright, a leader in Boulder’s Open Space movement, tells the story of Boulder’s conservation legacy from the Olmsted Plan to current day. Ruth speaks of the visionaries who hiked our backdrop to establish the Blue Line for the city and the many successes for wild-nature since. She also talks about the ongoing challenges of managing protected lands so we keep nature alive and well.

Boulder, Colorado is a leading example of the Nature Needs Half vision with 68% of the county’s land protected. Nature Needs Half is a global call to action to protect at least half of the planet’s land and water to support all life on earth.  See the full Boulder case-study>

Produced by Morgan Heim & the “Legacy team”.

*The person mentioned in the video is Fredrick Law Olmsted, Sr – the designer of New York’s Central Park.  But, it was actually Fredrick Law Olmsted Jr. is the son of Fredrick Law Olmsted, who came to Boulder.

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