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Featured Publication

Nature Needs Half and WILD10

Editorial, International Journal of Wilderness, Vance G. Martin, December, 2011, www.ijw.org

How much space does nature really need? This question has increasingly been the focus of conservation biologists and many others as the natural sciences have scaled up to consider nature from a landscape and seascape perspective, and in the process gaining a much better understanding of ecological services. Professor E. O. Wilson adroitly alluded to this in his seminal work The Future of Life (2002) when he said, “Half the world for humanity, half for the rest of life, to create a planet both self-sustaining and pleasant.”

As a result of this growing scientific consensus, an initiative called Nature Needs Half was launched at WILD9, the 9th World Wilderness Congress (WWC) at Meridá, Mexico, in 2009. It is now being explored in different ways by numerous experts, groups, and communities around the world, and we present in this issue a European perspective from Dr. Magnus Sylven. As a member of the Executive Committee making initial plans for the 10th World Wilderness Congress, and on behalf of The WILD Foundation and our many collaborators, Magnus also gives us a preliminary insight into one of the core agendas for WILD10, proposed for Europe in late 2013. A formal announcement on the date and venue is expected shortly.

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