Why Now?

The magnitude of the global ecological crisis we face today – and the availability of better and more accurate ecological information — demands that conservationists provide a clear and accurate global conservation target that will realistically keep our planet viable.

2010 was the International Year of Biodiversity and 2011 was the Year of Forests. Nature Needs Half has been setting the stage and working as part of the global conservation community to set new global conservation targets since November 2009. The momentum continues to increase, with the largest protected areas in the world declared in marine areas in Hawaii and the Ross Sea (both in 2016) and the publication of E.O.Wilson’s book, Half Earth, in the same year. The UN Convention on Biodiversity will soon need to update its target for amount of protected areas on land and sea, and NNH will be part of that discussion! Many partners joined the movement and many individuals joined the tribe in 2010 – will you be the next one? It is time to take action to support all life on our planet.