Recent Video: Tracks of Giants

Recent Video: Tracks of Giants

The Tracks of Giants expedition is an initiative of Nature Needs Half.

Following ancient African elephant migration paths, Tracks of Giants, is a 5 month west to east journey connecting major conservation nodes to promote a greater awareness of conservation, human community and leadership issues relevant to southern Africa, and applicable to many areas of the world.  The journey aims to rekindle the rapidly declining indigenous knowledge base of the human – animal interface, and indigenous solutions to conservation challenges and issues.

The team will be carrying an elephant collar throughout the journey, which is linked to a GPS tracking device–you can follow them live on the map! The collar will be donated to Elephants Without Borders at the end of the expedition.

A team of trackers, conservationists and media will travel by foot, cycle (in regions outside of conservation areas and wildlife parks) and kayak in the Okavango Delta and Zambezi through eight major conservation nodes.   Along the way, they will meet with local communities, work with partners, survey and document animal movements and conservation issues.

Tracks of Giants & Nature Needs Half from The WILD Foundation on Vimeo.

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