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Creo en la protección de al menos la mitad del planeta, de la tierra y del agua, de una manera interrelacionada. Al unirme a la manada, me uno a muchos otros alrededor del mundo que apoyan y trabajan por esta importante misión. (“Unirte a la manada” también te incluirá en nuestras actualizaciones por correo electrónico, de las cuales podrás darte de baja en cualquier momento).


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Nathalie Tachet, La Roche Bernard, France
We need to protect what is left of biodiversity urgently. If they all go, we go!

Mary Kay Boguski, Winnipeg ,

Maria jesus, lima , Peru

Jeanne Musgrove, Rock Hill, USA
I'd welcome more info on ways to volunteer.

Erik, Bedford, Canada
Great mission i Will support 4 ever

Le Strat, Trédrez-Locquémeau, France
If my voice can be of any help, I gladly participate.

xxxxxxxx, Bourgoin , France
I join the herd with pleasure, that would be a hopeful start to see mother nature taking back half of herself. i would love to get further informations... To know what's going on and if maybe you will need volounteers anywhere.

Juju, Bangsaen, Thailand
It's a good start!!

Jérémy Lanfrey, Clermont-Ferrand, France


Gauthier Peyrard, St-Carné, France

serrero francoise, paris, france
I am proud To join the Herd

Mike Anderson, New Plymouth, New Zealand
I am prepared to give this my all.
How can I best be a warrior for "Nature needs half"
Please advise

Michelle Golder, Cambridge, U.K.

Fatema Baheranwala, amsterdam, Netherlands

Mustapha berrabaa, Québec, Canada

Mustang berrabaa, Québec, Canada

️Toni, Toornto, Canada

xxxxxxxx, Kinshasa, Congo DR
I support all conservation actions

B. Damián Flores Hernández, México, México

Rafaela Landea, Brisbane, Australia

Hilary Caws-Elwitt, Northampton, MA, USA

Ken Goldsmith, Virginia Beach, USA

Zain Krishnan, Lindsay, Canada

Jeremy Taylor, Albany, NY, USA

William H. Funk, Staunton, USA

Jim Cummings, Santa Fe, US

Carmelle Dry, , Canada

Justin Randall, Troy, Montana
What a wonderful organization and idea, let's run with it!

Neetiraj, Mumbai, India

Monika Kotulak, Zielona Góra, Polska

Zaidil Firza, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
There are so many emerging critical ecosystems here in Indonesia, driven by politically and commercial stuffs.

Katherine, Toronto, Canada
Watersheds and Rivers, Lakes and Wetlands, they are all so important to wildlife diversity and to our own survival as a species.

Althea Arnold, Harbor Springs, USA

xxxxxxxx, London, UK

Pete Helfrich, Calgary, AB, Canada

Jennifer Scarlott, New York City, USA

Rosario de la Fuente, Aviles, España
...hasta llegar al 100%!!!!!

Ralph Rinke, North Vancouver, Canada
Lets start a Stampede!!

Elizabeth Martin, Montreal, Canada
Hopefully good intentions will lead to even better results.

xxxxxxxx, Herentals, Belgium

xxxxxxxx, Moose Jaw, Canada

Peter Cairns, Kingussie, UK

Leslie Johnson, Anchorage, Alaska
So important!

Sarah Nolting, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States

Alexis Green, Cedar Rapids, IA, United States

Molly Gaffey, Cedar Rapids, IA, United States

xxxxxxxx, Seattle WA, USA

xxxxxxxx, Zvolen, Slovenská republika

Dawn Service, Anahim Lake, British Columbia, Canada
Happy to join and offer my support in any way.