Survival Revolution

Defend life. Save nature. Survive.

How much nature do people need to survive?

In 2020, world leaders will gather to answer that question for the planet. Discover how you can urge our leaders to protect enough nature – half of Earth’s land and seas – in time to address climate change and halt the Sixth Mass Extinction.


We are expanding global awareness that nature is the best solution we have for the dual threats of climate change and extinction. And we need your help to do it! Share the videos below with your friends and family and become a Survival Revolution ambassador to help us reach 100 million people in 2020!

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Welcome to the Survival Revolution
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Where We Campaign

Together, the 5 countries listed (known as the BRICS), are fast emerging as powerful hubs of innovation and economic growth. Each of them also possess much of Earth’s remaining high quality wilderness and wildlife. If we are to end the Sixth Mass Extinction, we need their help to do it!

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South Africa
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Why 2020?

The next 10 years are a window of opportunity for the world to prevent the worst of the climate and extinction crisis. The biggest, most efficient action we can take to do both is to set aside half the planet for nature. In 2020, world leaders will decide how much nature we need to survive. Join others like you who are demanding real solutions based on real science. Join the Survival Revolution.

Be A Nature Ambassador
Olinde, Brazil

50% by 2050

Why 2020?

We can stop the sixth mass extinction if we protect approximately 50% of the 846 ecoregions that provide habitat for all of Earth's biodiversity. That means finding leaders and organizations around the world willing to align exisiting efforts around protecting and interconnecting nature in the region.

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