Nature Needs Half™

“Nature Needs Half applies to the waters of the world as well as the land, from the tops of mountains to the greatest depths of the sea. More than half of the world is ocean, the blue heart of the planet. You decide: How much of your heart do you need to stay alive?” -Sylvia Earle, 2011
Photo © Peter Cairns / Wild Wonders of Europe

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Space for Nature

The Zoological Society of London – the world’s oldest and most renowned conservation science organization, working in over 50 countries – has joined with WILD to explore and illustrate how Nature Needs Half is both necessary and possible. Photo © Morgan Heim

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Featured Case Study

Gabon Marine Protected Area Network

Gabon has demonstrated extraordinary leadership by establishing a model for MPA networks in Central Africa. Photo © Barry Peters

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Nature Needs Half…a vision and practice for people and planet.

Nature Needs Half™

Why Now?

How do we achieve the goal?

Nature Needs Half™  is a science-based and common-sense vision of a relationship between people and nature that ensures enough natural areas of land and water are protected and interconnected – and of sufficient size and resiliency – to provide life-supporting ecosystem and biodiversity services that are essential  to both  human health and prosperity and  a bountiful, beautiful legacy of wild nature.


The magnitude of the global ecological crisis we face today – and the availability of better and more accurate ecological information — demands that conservationists provide a clear and accurate global conservation target that will realistically keep our planet viable.


Reaching the goal of at least half is ambitious but achievable. The short term milestone for the progress of this vision is to move urgently to protect at least half of the planet’s remaining large, mostly intact wilderness areas (for example Boreal Forests, the Amazon Basin, and formally protecting Antarctica), while achieving incremental gains by quickly protecting surviving remnants in fragmented areas of very high biological importance.



Total Amount of Oceans Protected*


Total Land Area Protected*


Nature Needs Half Goal: It's Possible!

*According to the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) 2014 Protected Planet Report

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