Victoria Canada Regional Parks Plan Incorporates HALF Vision

Posted in Blog, News & Publications on 08/24/11

Victoria, the capital of British Columbia Canada, is planning the management strategy for its regional parks and trails for the next ten years (2011-2020).  Like many cities of its size, Victoria’s plan consider natural and biological values, cultural heritage, recreation opportunities, population growth, climate change, etc.  What is unique about this plan is its central focus on connectivity, ecosystem health an alignment with the Nature Needs Half vision.  A brief excerpt from the plan shows the forward thinking leadership of this city:
“Capital Regional District (CRD) parks and trails secure the region’s ecology and quality of life by establishing, in perpetuity, an interconnected system of natural lands. Parks protect and restore our region’s biodiversity, offer compatible outdoor recreation and education opportunities and accessible, nourishing, joyful connection with the natural world and our cultural heritage. Regional trails connect communities and provide many outdoor recreation opportunities and an alternate non-motorized transportation network. Parks and trails support the health of our region, its inhabitants and the planet as a whole.
In this century, regional parks and trails will become part of a larger integrated and connected system of natural areas. Subscribing to the idea that “nature needs half”, policies and actions are explored through sustainability planning to significantly enhance the system of natural areas in the region in order to sustain life supporting ecological processes. By conserving at least half of the Capital Region’s land and water base for nature, residents may live and work in harmony with the environment.”
The Regional Strategic Plan for Victoria’s Capital Regional District was in draft form at the time of this post, pending approval of the Central Regional District Board.