Who We Are

We are the international community for people getting real about saving nature. When you join Nature Needs Half, you join a distinguished network of committed conservationists in over 20 countries, forging new opportunities for the defense of Earth’s wild places, and inspiring each other to do more to create a respectful and sustainable relationship between people and nature.

Mission Gorge, California. Photo by Jackson Hendry.

Our Mission

To protect and interconnect 50% of Earth by 2030 for the benefit of all life.

Nature Needs Half is motivated by individuals with a desire to defend everything life needs most to flourish – clean air and water, abundant life-support services, and a stable climate. We will accomplish this by protecting half the planet by 2030. Recognizing that alienation from nature and each other has resulted in catastrophic consequences for our planet, we are calling for a transformation of human society by drawing upon the power of working together to live in harmony with and respect for nature.

Serengeti, Tanzania. Photo by Chen Hu.

Rachel Carson, Silent Spring

“In nature nothing exists alone.”

Our Vision

A world in which people respect nature's needs, and life on Earth flourishes.

'Humanity's most important relationship is with nature and it has become dysfunctional. No relationship survives when one partner just takes everything for itself. Nature Needs Half is a formula for respect and a recognition that our partner, Nature, has needs.'

~ Vance G. Martin, President of the WILD Foundation

Monument Valley, United States. Photo by Vishnu Vijayakumar.