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Nature Needs Half is nothing if it isn't dynamic, adapting to new challenges with innovative solutions driven by grassroots partnerships. Here you will find news, articles, research, and ongoing dialogue pertinent to our growing movement.

Gecko hatching. Photo by Andy Holmes.
The best page on the web for learning more about the movement that will protect 50% of the planet and transform the way we think about nature!
Field Guides

You’ve always wanted to be on the ground with conservationists at work. Now’s your chance to get an in-depth view of conservation NGOs aligned behind Nature Needs Half principles as they work in the field toward achieving half.

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Staying informed is difficult, especially around conservation. Nature Needs Half news updates deliver you the latest information on the work to protect half, both internationally and regionally.

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Our goal is simple: protect half the Earth. Getting there isn’t, thought. Discover how others are confronting the complex issues facing conservation today, and learn how Nature Needs Half is promoting problem-solving to overcome these challenges.


Case Studies

Have you ever wondered why some places seem to effortlessly achieve conservation successes while others find it more difficult? Check out these in-depth studies on how countries around the world have achieved or are attempting to achieve half.

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Visual Storytelling

The Nature Needs Half Media channel is the place to find inspiring and informational conservation and wildlife videos. See for yourself here.