Boreal Birds Need Half: Maintaining North America's Bird Nursery and Why It Matters

Posted in News & Publications, Papers & Publications on 05/5/14

The North American Boreal Forest has been dubbed “North America’s Bird Nursery” due to its impressive role in supporting migratory birds. The statistics are astonishing:

    • –  Between 1-3 billion birds representing more than 300 species flock to the boreal each spring to find summer nesting habitat.
    • –  Once the young have hatched, 3-5 billion birds migrate back south toward their winter habitat—many as close as the U.S. and some as far south as the Tierra del Fuego.
    • –  More than 1 billion of these birds become common wintering birds that can be found throughout the U.S.

This new scientific report takes a closer look at this amazing relationship and what we can do to preserve the hundreds of species that intimately rely on this vast, mostly-intact forest. To provide birds the best fighting chance of surviving the duel threats of habitat loss and climate change, at least half of the boreal forest should be protected from industrial development. This continues the ever-growing research concluding that larger, interconnected protected areas are necessary in order to maintain our planet’s amazing collection of biodiversity.

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Please visit the Boreal Songbird Initiative website for photos, maps, other supporting graphics, and more information.
>> And you can read the full report here: Report: Boreal Birds Need Half: Maintaining North America’s Bird Nursery and Why It Matters 

Featured cover image: © Morgan Heim