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'Nature Needs Half' Takes Center Stage At AREDAY Summit

Golden Aspen Trees/Andrew Preble


Elizabeth Stewart-Severy June 18, 2018

The 2018 AREDAY Summit kicks off today, and it includes conversations about setting aside half of the world for nature.

Nature Needs Half is a coalition of scientists and conservationists working to protect half of the world’s lands and seascapes for wildlife and the natural world. Amy Lewis, vice president of the Wild Foundation, a conservation organization that initiated the Nature Needs Half network, is in Snowmass this week for the conference, and she talked with Elizabeth Stewart-Severy about the Nature Needs Half movement.

“If more than half of an ecosystem is degraded, you start to drastically lose ecological functionality and ecological services,” Lewis said.

She is one of nearly 200 speakers at this year’s AREDAY summit, where topics include BlockChain technology, renewable energy and the intersection of civil rights and climate change.

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