Canadian Space For Nature Survey

June 2018

Survey by CPAWS &UNBC

Spirit Island, Canada/Photo by Sergey Pesterev



The Canadian Space for Nature Survey polled over 2,000 Canadians across the country about their perspectives on parks and protected areas. Those polled were from a broad range of ages, educations, and incomes, with different geographical locations, genders, and household compositions.

Regardless of these differences, the Canadian Space for Nature Survey found that across Canada there is overwhelming support for protected areas. 93% of Canadians believe that protected areas are necessary. The most important reasons Canadians gave for having protected areas are protecting
wildlife and natural beauty.

A key finding of the survey is that Canadians believe that much more land and sea should be protected in Canada and globally. On average, Canadians believe that about half of Canada’s and the world’s land and sea need to be protected. This is consistent with global survey findings.

Canada is currently working to achieve its international commitment to protect at least 17% of our country’s land and inland waters and 10% of our ocean by 2020. Achieving these targets will be a positive step forward for conservation. However, as this survey demonstrates, there is strong support
across the country for continuing this important work beyond 2020, including setting long-term, more ambitious protected area targets that will safeguard our country’s wildlife, natural beauty and the ecosystems that sustain us all.

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