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Mother Nature's Advice Column

Read Mother Nature's February words of wisdom that she'd like for all of us to hear.

Mother Nature


Hello Mother Nature,

I am coming to you because I am at a complete loss and do not know how to proceed. I have always been a staple of the North American landscape and the Canadian identity but this seems to be changing. Humans used to close their eyes, picture the Canadian visual, and, without even realizing it, they were seeing me. They were seeing my wildlife that I have worked so hard to create a comfortable home for, the trees that I have spent years and years growing, the pristine rivers and wetlands that flow through me. I want to protect the special species and landscapes that I house but it’s seemingly less and less likely when all of me is being cut into tiny fragments. 25.4 millions acres of me gone, destroyed, pillaged.

I was Canada but I am no longer. How can I open the humans eyes that part of me, and them, is dying?

Feeling far from myself,

Canada’s Boreal Forest

Dearest Boreal,

I hear you, I recognize your importance. Aside from being one of the very few remaining healthy habitats for wildlife, you are also unique in that when combined with your boreal brothers and sisters around the world, you store more carbon than all of the world’s tropical and temperate forests combined. Humans tend to forget that solving the climate crisis goes hand in hand with protecting vital habitats such as yourself. On top of that, they seem to forget that so much of what makes them them and what welds the bonds of their identity together are the natural places and animals that surround them. You are this bond and you give a home to the creatures that give Canadians their ecological identity.

Please do your best in keeping loggers and roads away. I will make sure that humans are reminded of where their roots lie.

My sincerest sympathy and love,

Mama Nature

Hi Mother Nature,

So um, we’ve got a problem. A big one. His name’s Steven Spielberg. Well actually, it’s not Steven so much as it’s his movie “Jaws.” It came out in 1975 but, before you say “too little too late, you should have created a better reputation for yourselves…,” please understand that we NEVER thought anyone would take this story-line seriously. A killer, man-eating shark? I mean c’mon now Mother Nature, who on earth would believe that?

Sure, we’ve got teeth and we eat meat, just as nearly 93% of humans do I might add, but we’re not man-eaters! We’re really freaking out here. We’re losing 100 million of us per year because of something called “shark fin soup.” And they have the audacity to scared of us?! Do they not realize how much we do as keystone species to protect the health of the entire ocean?

We need to change this narrative ASAP. Please write back soon, we’re terrified to swim in our own waters.

Not doing so fintastic,


My toothy child,

This is absolutely devastating news. I had no idea one movie could change the perspective of millions although, I should have anticipated this considering how many people will fall for false rhetoric surrounding the state of our climate and extinction emergencies. Believe me, I know that you are no man-eater. There would be hardly any humans left if you were! I know that we are running out of time but I beg you to be patient. Humans are very skilled at being extremely shortsighted and are keen on focusing solely on the things that will bring them immediate success and wealth. 

You are at the top of the ocean food chain, please know that I completely recognize that without you the well-being of everything beneath my ocean’s surface will inevitably collapse. I must have a word with my Homo sapien children. Until then, swim freely but I beg you to be extremely cautious.


Mother Nature

Hey Mom,

It’s been a while, sorry that I haven’t found the time to write. I’m doing better than the last time we spoke, I finally managed to pull myself out of bed and have started talking to others about what we can do to turn things around for Earth. We’re thinking that it’s time to really give back and to set aside a grand total of 30% of land and seas in the next ten years. I think others are really taking to the idea! 

What else can we do? I would love to hear your thoughts on this. I’m thinking that you’re going to be pretty damn proud of us when you read this. 

Don’t really think I need to say it because you should know this but love you Mom,



I am beyond the point of being angry with you, I am flat out disappointed. You are not the people that I worked so hard to create and raise. I give you an inch and without even thinking twice about how it will affect your brothers and sisters, you take a mile. Every. Single. Time. I don’t care that you’re “coming up with goals to protect 30%,” or that you’re “replanting trees.” Those efforts aren’t enough! The science clearly indicates a minimum of 50%, it’s beyond me that it’s taking all of you this long to accept these facts.

Let me ask you this question: How is it that you’ve completely forgotten that the natural world that surrounds you is a part of you? It’s a part of your identity and your roots. There is no escaping that fact. By destroying my other children, you are effectively destroying yourself.

And newsflash, those trees that you’re replanting? They were there for a reason to begin with and would still be there if you hadn’t decided to cut them down!

Work faster, reach higher, aim bigger. It’s now or never.

Mother Nature