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Read Mother Nature's April words of wisdom that she'd like for all of us to hear.

Mother Nature



Dear children,

This is a hard lesson to learn and, as you all know by now, it’s not a particularly fun one either. It’s not one that I enjoy watching you go through but these are the growing pains that we all endure at some point in our lives. Please understand that as a parent it is never easy to watch your children suffer but this is what’s best for, not only the long lasting well-being of yourselves, but for the well-being of all of my other children on Earth. I promise you, life will eventually go back to normal – not a normal like the one you knew before but hopefully, one in which you can clearly see the flaws of your past choices and decisions. 

After all, these are the natural consequences of your actions… Cause and effect. You can’t say that I didn’t warn you, that your brothers and sisters didn’t scream out begging you to stop before it came to this. We tried to open your eyes but you can’t get a person to change until they want to or until they have hit such a dire point that there is no other option but to adapt, change, and recreate. 

There is so much uncertainty right now and I know that you are terrified but rest assured that we are entering a new era of healing and rebirth. This is your chance to be yourselves to the fullest and once again reconnect to your siblings in the web of life. As hard as it may be, try not to think of this as an all encompassing negative but, instead, look at it as the opposite of that. It’s the only real opportunity for growth that humanity has seen in millennia. There was simply no other way of getting you to slow down.

Lessons learned the hard way are still wonderful growing opportunities. I believe that all of you will learn an incredibly valuable new way of living from all of this. For the time being, lean in to the discomfort. Better and more balanced times are on the horizon.


Mama Nature