Bold visions require bold commitments.

Nature Needs Half leaders know from experience that challenges are easier to overcome when like-minded communities support each other. Collaboration with local, regional, and international coalitions is at the bedrock of the Nature Needs Half solution. This is why we are recruiting partners and actively building coalitions internationally, including a pilot project in India.




Nature Needs Half coalitions band together at all scales - internationally, regionally, and locally. They succeed by aligning existing efforts behind common objectives within their sphere of influence and working together to achieve half on a scale that makes sense to them.

Below are some of the activities Nature Needs Half coalitions initiate and carry out:

Achieving public policy wins for nature.

Linking conservation projects who work together to identify and implement critical wildlife corridors.

Reinforcing stronger and more effective policy and lifestyle choices.

Encouraging broader public support for Nature Needs Half ideals and goals.


Pilot Region

Nature Needs Half is directly supporting coalition-building work in India, one of the world's most biodiverse countries, where conservation opportunities and challenges combine to make exciting work on behalf of people and nature.

Discover more about the work to achieve half in India.

India Country Page

Meet Our Partners

Without regional partners willing to lead and inspire grassroots coalitions, achieving half for nature by 2030 would be a lot more challenging.

Learn more about Sanctuary Asia, Nature Needs Half lead partner in India.

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Nature needs you to inspire others to work together on her behalf. Are you ready to start a coalition in your region?

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