Case Study


Austin Perez

As criminal extractive industry undermines the ecological foundation of the Amazonian rainforest, the Kayapo defense of traditional lands is a glimmer of hope for the last large block of southeastern rainforest, lands large enough to sustain healthy ecological processes and endangered species. Drawing strength from a coalition of Kayapo leaders and the international NGOs who support them, 35 Kayapo villages withstand the coercive tactics of illegal miners and loggers while successfully caring for the forest upon which they depend for the continuation of their culture. The Kayapo Indigenous stewardship of the rainforest demonstrates the stunning potential for conservation and traditional cultures to work together for the benefit of nature.

Cristina Mittermeier/Kayapó, Pará, Brazil

The Brazilian Constitution, granting permanent land rights to Indigenous people


The Indian Statute


The Forest Code


Ecological Stations and Environmental Protected Areas


Ecological Reserves and Ecological Relevant Interest Areas