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Nature Needs Half is a global movement that consists of network of international partners working to protect nature at the scale she needs around the world. The WILD Foundation is proud to steward this movement in partnership with a larger steering committee, and serves as its coordinating hub.

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Woman journaling on a mountaintop. Photo by Tyler Nix.
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Baai Van Heist, Belgium. Photo by Marck Rickaert.
Baai van Heist

Influenced by the ever-changing forces of wind and sea, this protected area consists of beach, sand dunes, and salt marsh. A haven for coastal wildlife.

Kalmthout Heath, Belgium. Photo courtesy of Creative Commons.
Kalmthout Heath

Bordering the Netherlands, this area makes up the Dutch-Belgian cross-border park De Zoom – Kalmthoutse Heide. National collaboration is needed to interconnect ecosystems.

Belgium eco region Hallerbos

Carpeted in bluebells during the spring, this forested area was restored after World War I. Still, for over 300 years it has been isolated from other wild areas.