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Home to 1.4 billion people and 8% of the world’s biodiversity, India is a land rich in conservation challenges and opportunities. That’s why Indian conservationists have much to share with the world about the importance of sustainably managed and restored lands that make room for both wild nature and people. India reminds us that it is not just about setting aside enough land for nature – we must also live wisely and sustainably on the land we occupy.

Nakkati Hill, India - Kushal Medhi


The Challenge

The future of India prosperity depends on a healthy climate and abundant biodiversity, which means investing significantly more in environmental protection to ensure the long-term security of India’s natural and wild capital.

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The Opportunity

As an emerging economy with close to 18% of the world’s population, India has extraordinary leadership potential. Generating significant public demand for protecting half the planet’s land and seas in India, would be a tipping point for global public opinion.

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Sanctuary Nature Foundation

Sanctuary Nature Foundation works at the tri-junction if biodiversity, economics & climate change. Sanctuary works to communicate the why of nature conservation, linking biodiversity and development with climate change.

The Nature Needs Half movement is only as strong as its member organizations. Discover more about the individuals and organizations who have committed to protecting 50% of the planet by 2050.