Survival Revolution


With more wilderness (marine and terrestrial) than any other country, Russian boreal forests are the cornerstone in a global plan to address climate change. With the largest above ground carbon sequestration potential, Russia is an essential partner in the Survival Revolution.

Mount Elbrus, Russia - Dmitrii Vaccinium


The Challenge

With one of the world’s oldest and best protected area systems, Russia does not lack for wilderness. But a deficit in public awareness and pride in Russian wilderness could pose a threat to Russia’s wild future. Strengthening national support and awareness for the spectacular Russian wilderness, and expanding protected areas, is essential for the global success of the Survival Revolution.

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The Opportunity

With nearly 20% of Earth’s remaining wilderness, the Russian landscape provides out-sized life-support services for the entire planet. Expanding pride in and awareness of Russian wild places is an essential step for the defense of life and the protection of Earth’s nature. And we need the help of Russian influencers to do it!

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