Sign the Nature Needs Half Declaration for Leadership and Coordinated Action for the Protection of Biodiversity and the Essential Process Necessary for All Life to Flourish

The Nature Needs Half (NNH) movement was launched in 2009 at the 9th World Wilderness Congress, informed by a growing scientific consensus and the millennia-old wisdom and traditional science of Indigenous Peoples. Its intent is to activate and continually energize international collaboration that results in protection of 50% of the planet by 2050 (50 by 50). For this reason, NNH is a force-multiplier, fostering opportunities to efficiently work together across political and institutional boundaries on common goals and objectives, achieving more with the same amount of effort. It also serves to build awareness for the fact that large-scale, interconnected protected areas are the cornerstone of biodiversity conservation, and spur greater international leadership and economic commitment for the protection of wild nature.

Nature Needs Half’s commitment to harnessing the power of working together for the protection of Nature and all life on Earth strengthens with each new sign on. New signatories and partners also bring new opportunities to advance the protection of nature. Please see for the full list of signatories.

Please contact Jackie Batrus at with questions.

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