Be a part of the movement to save our planet’s diverse and beautiful wildlife and wild places, and give nature the space it needs to survive and thrive.

You can strengthen the movement that is transforming the relationship between people and the planet and putting an end to the extinction crisis. When you join Nature Needs Half, you support a global effort urging commitment to these necessary next steps in the fight for our wild planet:

  • A Global Nature Accord, similar to the Paris Agreement, but with the goal of setting international protected area targets to 50%.
  • Regional, intergovernmental agreements that make possible the protection of nature across continents, the scale nature needs to function properly.
  • A global grassroots movement that emboldens leaders to prioritize the protection of all life on Earth.

Protecting half the planet isn’t difficult, but we must act quickly and decisively if we are to save Earth’s dwindling biodiversity, and the wild foundation upon which all life depends. Now is a historic opportunity to shift the balance of power toward a healthy, respectful, and sustainable relationship with nature. Join the Nature Needs Half Network today!

Keep our Earth wild

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