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Bangladesh is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world, and yet the wild areas that support biodiversity are in poor shape, and degrading rapidly. Climate change, intensive agriculture, and deforestation have shaken the foundations of the natural world in this country. Still, there are pockets of hope for nature.

Ratargul Swamp Forest, Bangladesh. Photo by Sumon Mallick.

Bangladesh's Ecology

In the remote Chittagong Hills Tract of Bangladesh, locals reported sightings of tigers, sun bear, and guar, species scientists believed had disappeared completely from Bangladesh. And despite initial skepticism, locals were proven right. By engaging traditional communities in rural parts of Bangladesh, and working to protect and restore pockets of nature in this imperiled country, time and intention might prove enough to create a sustainable foothold for wild nature in this troubled land.

Half (Mission Achieved)

Ecologically intact & protected landscapes comprise 50% or more of this country.

Can Reach Half

Intact landscapes lacking protected status comprise 50% or more of this country.

Could Be Restored

Between 20-40% of landscapes are still ecologically intact.


Less than 20% of the natural ecology of this area is intact.

The Nature Needs Half movement is only as strong as its member organizations. Discover more about the individuals and organizations who have committed to protecting 50% of the planet by 2050.
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Bangladesh eco region Kaptai National Park
Kaptai National Park

Teak plantations abound in this national park, and though they take the look of wilderness, they do not sustains as much biodiversity.

Bangladesh eco region Sundarbans

One of the largest mangrove forests in the world, it is formed at the delta of the Ganges, and is highly threatened habitat.

Bangladesh eco region Katchari National Park
Katchari National Park

Red junglefowl, the Asian black bear, and Phayre’s leaf monkey make this dense jungle in eastern Bangladesh their home.

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