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Climate change and an escalation in wildlife crime are two threats to Nepal’s nature. Nevertheless, this country has responded with vigor, engaging local communities to help combat poaching and working with international partners to help mitigate the detrimental effects of a changing climate.

Khumgjung, Nepal. Photo by Martin Jernberg.

Nepal's Ecology

Nepal boasts a unique population of wildlife, including the one-horned rhinoceros. In recent years, these awe-inspiring creatures have suffered from a dramatic escalation in killing by international wildlife crime syndicates. But efforts by the Nepalese government, in partnership with international conservation groups, to engage local communities have paid off, and poaching is on the decline in this Himalayan country. Restoring landscapes and natural habitats will be critical for the future health of wildlife in Nepal.

Half (Mission Achieved)

Ecologically intact & protected landscapes comprise 50% or more of this country.

Can Reach Half

Intact landscapes lacking protected status comprise 50% or more of this country.

Could Be Restored

Between 20-40% of landscapes are still ecologically intact.


Less than 20% of the natural ecology of this area is intact.

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A one-horned rhino forages in Chitwan National Park, Nepal. Photo by Hans Stieglitz.
Chitwan National Park

This area was original the favorite hunting ground of Nepal’s ruling class, but was designated as the nation’s first national park in 1973.

Nepal Makalu Barun National Park
Makalu Barun National Park

The glacier-fed tributaries of the Arun River run alongside some of the last remaining pristine forests and alpine meadows. 

Ancient temple in Khaptad National Park, Nepal. Photo by Plamichhane.
Khaptad National Park

This site is of religious and natural significance: here, Hindus pay tribute to Shiva in midsummer on the full moon.

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