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The intersection of Peru’s natural and cultural diversity forge a region like no other. But both nature and indigenous culture are threatened by the expansion of the oil and natural gas industry, and industrial plantations. Strengthening local cultural autonomy will help to strengthen conservation in Peru.

Machu Picchu. Photo by Babak Fakhamzadeh.

Peru's Ecology

Peru’s ecosystems range from arid coastlines to misty cloud forests and mountaintop deserts. The traditional stewards of these lands are the Indigenous Peoples of Peru, and many conservation programs here are preserving the rich cultures of these groups while simultaneously achieving significant conservation goals. This is especially true in the Amazon basin where conflict between local groups and the oil and natural gas industry frequently turns to violence, and where an extraordinary number of endemic species found nowhere else on Earth are at risk.

Half (Mission Achieved)

Ecologically intact & protected landscapes comprise 50% or more of this country.

Can Reach Half

Intact landscapes lacking protected status comprise 50% or more of this country.

Could Be Restored

Between 20-40% of landscapes are still ecologically intact.


Less than 20% of the natural ecology of this area is intact.

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Mountains in Peru. Photo by Kyle Loftus.
Sierra del Divisor National Park

Established to preserve nature and indigenous culture in the area, stronger national level commitments are still needed to keep industrial extraction out of the area.

Peru Huascaran National Park
Huascarán National Park

Snow-capped peaks overlook a rich terrain that is home to the majestic condor, spectacled bears, vicunas, and tarucas. 

Peru Paracas National Reserve
Paracas National Reserve

The purpose of this protected area is two-fold: protection of the coastal ecology and of historic culture of the Paracas people.  

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