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Our Mission

We apply the best science and technology available to accelerate the conservation, recovery, and adaptation of biological diversity in a fast-changing world.

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50% by 2050

Why 2020?

We can stop the sixth mass extinction if we protect approximately 50% of the 846 ecoregions that provide habitat for all of Earth's biodiversity. That means finding leaders and organizations around the world willing to align exisiting efforts around protecting and interconnecting nature in the region.

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What We Do

The world is a complex place, and solutions to problems are seldom obvious or accomplished in isolation. We collaborate with a wide diversity of partners and use a range of tools - both social and technical - to support wise planning, policy, and management for biodiversity, ecosystems, climate, energy, and water resources. Our toolbox includes the items listed on the right.


  1. Geospatial data, analyses, and syntheses
  2. Solutions-oriented research
  3. Evidence-based decision-support
  4. Facilitating collaborations and dialogues
  5. Science policy translation
  6. Social and technical innovation
  7. Least-conflict, least-cost, and best outcomes

How We Help

We work dynamically, finding creative new ways to solve problems. Whether your interest is endangered species, energy or water planning, or taking rapid climate adaptation or mitigation steps, we help you make complex decisions in efficient ways, using the best available evidence.