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Conserving Biodiversity

The focus of all our projects is protecting wilderness areas and conserving biodiversity. We work together with nature conservation authorities, non-profit organizations and local communities.

Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya. Photo by Harshil Gudka.

Our Focus:

  1. Wildlife: Learn more about the animals we protect. Read More
  2. Wild Lands: Join us in the most remarkable and beautiful areas. Read More
  3. Conservation: Practical conservation is our passion. Read More

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From the Sumatran rainforest, home to critically endangered orang-utans and tigers, to the Amazonian basin, harbouring up to one million plant species, from the Serengeti plains and Ethiopia's afroalpine highlands to the last remaining primeval forests in Europe – ecosystems of outstanding natural diversity and beauty need our protection today! Please help us to preserve the world's natural diversity today.

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