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The Kayapo Project

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Our Mission

Objectives of the Kayapo NGO alliance are to:

1. Strengthen capacity for territorial management and control, and

2. Develop sustainable non-timber product enterprises for generating the income they need to access the outside goods they have come to depend on

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50% by 2050

Why 2020?

We can stop the sixth mass extinction if we protect approximately 50% of the 846 ecoregions that provide habitat for all of Earth's biodiversity. That means finding leaders and organizations around the world willing to align exisiting efforts around protecting and interconnecting nature in the region.

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Why Rainforests Matter

Tropical rainforests are home to about half the species of plants and animals on Earth. The current extinction rate may be 1000-10,000 times the historic long-term level.
  1. Provides a home to approximately 1/3 of the world's plants and animals. Once lost, it is gone forever.
  2. Helps stabilize the world's climate by storing carbon, mitigating climate change, regulating rainfall and cycling pure water and air.
  3. The Amazon forest produces much of the rain south of the Amazon and east of the Andes.
  4. Provides resources for people including food, medicine, and recreation.
  5. Home to indigenous people and their unique cultures that live in balance with the natural world.

About the Kayapo

The Kayapo have only been in contact with outside society since the 1960s and are still learning how to negotiate the new realities of a capitalist society. As the development frontier reaches the Kayapo, external support helps them understand and deal with modern society and empowers them to continue to protect their land against invasion by loggers, ranchers and miners.

Beneath the canopy of Brazil's rainforest . . .

The 8,000 strong Kayapo tribe are fighting valiantly to defend 11 million acres of rainforest from the total destruction caused by illegal mining and logging operations. Against the odds, they are succeeding, but only with the international support provided by outside NGOs. The Nature Needs Half Network prioritizes bringing greater attention to the efforts of Indigenous people to preserve and defend their home ecology.

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Kayapo Prowess

Kayapo Prowess: Defending the rainforest from deforestation without even an iPhone. A picture may be worth a thousand words but what if the picture is misleading and the words are inaccurate? Attracting the attention of world leaders and experienced conservationists is difficult in the middle of a rainforest. Photos can help, which is all the more reason for them to tell the true story of the Kayapo.

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It's a wasp's nest.

Where do you find your power and independence? The Kayapo find theirs beneath the rainforest canopy. In this installment of the Nature Needs Half Field Guide to the Kayapo Project, discover how the gifts of nature can revive the autonomy of an entire culture.

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Who does the Amazon belong to? The Kayapo still steward much of the land there, but illegal industries are threatening to destroy this irreplaceable habitat that houses a third of Earth’s plants and animals. And that has consequences for all of us. Discover how you can become a part of the international team strengthening Kayapo territory and preserving the life-giving rainforest for all life on Earth.

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How You Can Help

No conservation effort in the tropics has been more successful than that of the Kayapo Indians of Brazil. They’ve achieved more for the preservation of tropical forest than any other group or organizations on earth. They are the true guardians of the rainforest.

100% of funds donated will go directly to Kayapo rainforest preservation projects.

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“Where indian lands begin is where deforestation ends.” —Steve Schwartzman, Environmental Defense Fund