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Transition Earth

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Our Mission

To increase awareness and understanding of the effects of population growth and unsustainable resource use on people and the planet.

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50% by 2050

Why 2020?

We can stop the sixth mass extinction if we protect approximately 50% of the 846 ecoregions that provide habitat for all of Earth's biodiversity. That means finding leaders and organizations around the world willing to align exisiting efforts around protecting and interconnecting nature in the region.

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Program Areas

Currently our primary program areas are the following:
  1. Women’s rights and empowerment
  2. Population, Health and Environment
  3. Youth Education
  4. Global Systems Change (with a focus on rights of nature)
  5. We also support the Maasai Harmonial Development and Sustainability project located in the Ngorogoro Conservation Area Tanzania, which works on community-based solutions that include family planning, education, sustainable livelihoods and conservation.

Our Focus

Transition Earth engages with people both globally and locally on issues related to population growth through workshops and panels, conferences, public events, classroom presentations, blogs, reports and social media.

Our work focuses on education about the impacts of population growth, along with advocacy for approaches such as the integrated development model known as population, health and environment (PHE), as well as youth education, and ways to shift how society interacts with nature through promoting environmental rights.

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Much of our world of nearly 8 billion people is disconnected from nature. Yet humanity's fate is tied to that of the natural world. Transition Earth’s vision is a world in balance where both people and nature thrive.

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