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Who We Are

What We Do

The Weeden Foundation protects biodiversity by fully addressing the factors leading to ecological impoverishment, using new and innovative tools that help develop sustainable models for conservation action.

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50% by 2050

Why 2020?

We can stop the sixth mass extinction if we protect approximately 50% of the 846 ecoregions that provide habitat for all of Earth's biodiversity. That means finding leaders and organizations around the world willing to align exisiting efforts around protecting and interconnecting nature in the region.

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Funding Areas:

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Funding Areas
  1. Domestic Biodiversity Program
  2. International Biodiversity Program
  3. Land Acquisition Program
  4. Population Program
  5. Consumption Program

What We Fund

For its 40 years of existence, the Weeden Foundation’s primary mission has been to protect biodiversity. It has helped preserve more than 6 million acres of biologically important habitat worldwide. The Foundation financed the first debt-for-nature swap in Bolivia in 1992, a strategy that is now widely used by international conservation organizations.

Currently, the Foundation has four geographical focus areas:

1) Klamath-Siskiyou Bioregion in Northern California

2) High Divide in SW Montana

3) Altai Republic in Russia

4) Chilean Patagonia

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