'The Arctic protects all life on Earth. Let's save it.'

Summer 2018 member spotlight.

Parvati, Founder of


August 1st, 2018

By Jackie Batrus and Amy Lewis

In this era of grim tidings that seem to go from bad to worse on an almost daily basis, it may come as a shock to discover that the single most important truth of our times is that we can still save natureAnd one Canadian musician and her community of engaged fans are working to save the Arctic by harnessing the revolutionary power of positive possibility.

For Parvati, it started with the unexpected realization that saving the Arctic was more important than her next concert tour in Asia.

She canceled the tour, and began a month’s long journey to the Arctic and its communities, both human and animal, to assess the scale of the challenges they faced. What she discovered there, shocked even her. Far from the desolate white landscape depicted in so many films, she discovered a vibrant and living landscape, full of energy and life processes necessary for the health of the entire planet. Polar ice isn’t just the planet’s air conditioning unit, it’s also second only in nutrient production to the Antarctic.

The Arctic feeds the oceans.

When she returned, her message was simple: “The ice is melting. The animals are dying. People are suffering. Tell the South to stop polluting.”

For millions of years, since long before humans ever walked on Earth, the Arctic Ocean has been covered with ice and kept our planet cool. Today, the ice is melting at an alarming rate. Today, there is 75% less Arctic sea ice in the summer than there was just 50 years ago. From the remote, forbidding icy reaches of the Arctic to the lapping tropical waters around the South Pacific islands, we are all connected. The planet’s air conditioning system is melting putting all life on earth at risk.

“We can’t depend on the institutions – they move too slowly. This is the new way of getting done what needs to get done.” – Darcy Belanger, founding member of

Successful Canadian musician, yogi, activist, and author, Parvati simply could not get whales off her mind. One night, it dawned on her that she imperatively needed to travel to the Arctic to see these animals for herself. Upon ending her first trip to the North Pole, Parvati recognized she had a new mission: to save the arctic. She immediately canceled her singing tour in China to dedicate herself entirely to spreading her message: “The ice is melting. The animals are dying. People are suffering. Tell the South to stop polluting.”

The entirely volunteered based team at is working tirelessly to put a halt to what many deem to be a global “death spiral.” Their solution? A Global Peace Sanctuary that starts by protects the entire Artic. The Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary (MAPS), envisions a world where an Arctic without oil drilling is possible. In such a world, a pivot to nature-friendly renewable energies would be greatly incentivized, accelerating a shift to a sustainable economy. In such a world, the critical Arctic ecosystem would be permitted to regenerate so that the ice can cool the planet and the waters feed the oceans once again.

To manifest such a world, MAPS has created a treaty that has been translated into all official UN languages, and delivered to all 193 UN member states. The first of 99 nations to sign the treaty was tropical Samoa, illustrating the crucial role the Arctic plays in the health of the entire planet.

Because recognizes our need for nature, and is working resolutely for her defense, Nature Needs Half is proud to include them as a member of our growing network. If you or an organization you know would like to join Nature Needs Half, please consider joining this international coalition of people working together to create a new relationship with nature. Discover more here.