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The Nature Needs Half vision is planetary in scale. No one is going to go this one alone. Media and visual storytelling is necessary to aligning public attitudes behind the Nature Needs Half movement, and motivating necessary actions from policy change to lifestyle decisions. Stories are at the bedrock of who we are and what we value; when we change our stories, we change the world.

Ravi Roshan



Stories are the building blocks of every society. They inform us who we are and instruct us in where we ought to be going, as individuals and groups. Photographers and filmmakers are the contemporary storytellers who are rewriting the way we think about and relate to nature.

Discover how storytellers are building support for nature's needs:

New audience interest and engagement in the movement to protect 50 by 30.

Renewed interest and enthusiasm from existing audiences.

More visibility for Nature Needs Half member and partner projects.

Filmmaker participation in the evolution of the Nature Needs Half story.


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