Space for Nature: Zoological Society of London

Space for Nature: Zoological Society of London

The Zoological Society of London   – the world’s oldest and most renowned conservation science organization, working in over 50 countries – has joined with WILD to explore and illustrate how Nature Needs Half is both necessary and possible.

“Space for Nature,” a video created by the Zoological Society of London (with participation from The WILD Foundation & Nature Needs Half), explores how the Nature Needs Half vision can be realized in practice by setting aside space for nature.


  1. Nature needs at least 50%. It is a very strict decent minimum. It’s obscene to discuss anything less than half. Congratulations to ZSL for supporting this essential movement! I completely support it!

  2. In any place we don’t leave for nature, there is no nature. So if we leave 50%, that’s 50% of nature we lose, forever. We need to acknowledge the loss and be consciously aware of that.

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