Nature Needs Half is made up of remarkable people who are mission-driven and values-oriented. The values that unite us across culture and perspectives are also at the heart of our strategic decisions. We are as resolutely committed to these principles as we are to the protection of nature.

Canyon river at sunset. Photo by Jack Finnigan.
“Wilderness recovery, I firmly believe, is the most important task of our generation.”

~ Dr. Reed Noss

1. Connectivity

'What does nature need? The answer, in broad terms, is that nature needs all her parts and processes to be left alone enough to fulfill her life giving work and evolutionary destiny.'

~ Harvey Locke, Free-range Conservationist

Nature works better when it is connected.

Intact natural systems are abundant with life and capable of nourishing healthy communities. This is also true for people. Human systems that are integrated with one another flourish. We are committed to connectivity in nature and between people, for healthier landscapes, more effective movements, and more meaningful lives.


'Ecology is the science of interdependence. All life is interconnected. We believe connected nature is more effective nature.'

~ Gary Tabor, Center for Large Landscape Conservation


Center for Large Landscape Conservation

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Canadian Parks & Wilderness Society

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Large Herbivore Network

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The Yellowstone to Yukon Initiative

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2. Respect for Nature

“Nature Needs Half applies to the waters of the world as well as the land, from the tops of mountains to the greatest depths of the sea. More than half the world is ocean, the blue heart of the planet. You decide: How much of your herd do you need to stay alive?”

~ Her Deepness, Sylvia Earle

Care is the basis of sustainability.

As long as people inhabit the world, Earth’s health begins with an ethic of care and respect for nature. Humanity’s future depends on coming into a right and proper relationship with the natural world.

3. Respect for People

“The goal of the new environmental politics must be to ‘build the movement...’ We need a real one – networked together with other progressives, protesting, demanding action and accountability from governments and corporations, and taking steps as consumers and communities to realize sustainability and social justice in everyday life.”

~ Gus Speth, Dean (retired) Yale School of Forestry

Collaborative solutions begin with respect.

We need each other as much as we need nature. Working together will requires respect. We give credence to contemporary science and traditional life ways.

Nature Needs Half members also strive to fulfill these four conditions in their conservation planning.
Native Diversity

All native plants and animals persist in their natural range ensuring that life services provided by biodiversity are intact and self-sustaining.

Natural Abundance

Plant and animal populations are in balance, functioning in ancient and primary systems that thrive without human interference.

Natural Functionality

Nature works unimpeded to sustain vital life-support systems, and can do so without human intervention.

Robust to Disturbance

Plant and animal populations return to normal after short-term and long-term disturbances, laying a strong foundation for efficient and natural sustainability.