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Political and economic isolation after the Vietnam War kept many of this country’s forests – those untouched by napalm – pristine. But with the economic openings of the 1990s, Vietnam quickly became a hotbed of rapid development paired with untrammeled wildlife trafficking. Achieving stronger conservation commitments in Vietnam starts with changing civil society.

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. Photo by Warren Wong.

Vietnam's Ecology

Vietnam is home to eight of the ten large mammals discovered in the last two decades. Yet this biologically rich area, situated between the foothills of the Himalayas and the rainforests of the Malayan peninsula, is at high risk of vanishing completely. Little in the way of conservation planning has occurred in Vietnam as it has rushed to join the global economy. Groups working to help Vietnam embrace nature’s needs are making headway, but much work remains to be done.

Half (Mission Achieved)

Ecologically intact & protected landscapes comprise 50% or more of this country.

Can Reach Half

Intact landscapes lacking protected status comprise 50% or more of this country.

Could Be Restored

Between 20-40% of landscapes are still ecologically intact.


Less than 20% of the natural ecology of this area is intact.


Frankfurt Zoological Society

We conserve wildlife and ecosystems focusing on protected areas and outstanding wild places.

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London Zoological Society (ZSL)

Working to protect wildlife around the world, ZSL is inspiring action while innovating on-the-ground work that values and supports all communities, human and ecological.

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Wilderness Foundation Africa

Protecting wildlife through innovative programs that reduce demand for ivory and provide for the basic needs of human communities, Wilderness Foundation Africa is deeply committed to Nature Needs Half principles.

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Wilderness Foundation Global

An international alliance of wilderness conservation groups working together to protect wild nature while meeting the needs of human communities - for the benefit of all life on Earth. <p> WFG is a founding member of and an active proponent for Nature Needs Half.

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The Nature Needs Half movement is only as strong as its member organizations. Discover more about the individuals and organizations who have committed to protecting 50% of the planet by 2050.
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Vietnam Bach Ma National Park
Bach Mã National Park

Once a center of colonial administration, lands that belonged to foreigners were recently transformed into a national park for public enjoyment. 

Vietnam Phong Nha-Khe Bang National Park
Phong Nha-Khè Bàng National Park

A labyrinth of caves, many still unexplored, set this protected area apart. Wildlife here includes 26 endangered species, including the recently discovered striped hare. 

Vietnam Hoang Lien National Park
Hoàng Liên National Park

Considered an ideal area for both ecotourism and scientific research, and includes two semi-autonomous communes within its boundaries.  

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