Summer 2018 Newsletter

'Our values are in every decision we make.'

Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya. Photo by Harshil Gudka.

August 1st, 2018

Connection is Protection


Nature Needs Half Chair, Randy Hayes, explains the NNH core values.


What do you find fundamentally valuable? What qualities or issues do you deeply embrace? Such a list would clarify your true values. In this, our first newsletter, a partner organization describes their important work in terms of the core value – connectivity.

Sage thinkers tell us that everything really is connected to everything else. Understanding connectivity is a fundamental value that a successful humanity must embrace.

In this issue, Gary Tabor’s article helps us understand how the Center for Large Landscape Conservation sees connectivity as a core freedom – freedom to roam.  Thanks to the work of Tabor and many like him, “Connectivity Conservation” is a growing field. Connectivity will help us adapt to the shifting fields caused by shifting climatic patterns. Tabor conveys how giant dams effect the riverbeds and the grizzly bears as well as undercut connectivity in the Amazon. Ocean currents are connectivity corridors of great consequence. Because they are connected, they work as a system.

Systems thinking means thinking in terms of relationships, contexts, patterns, and processes. This is especially useful to understanding root causes and hence root solutions.

Connectivity Conservation is vital to restoration and the future of all life. It is the way of nature.

Knowing nature’s ways – the laws of nature – will help us foster healthy people on a healthy planet. I suspect we all value a livable planet. Nature needs half is key to that vision.

Randy Hayes

Chair of the Nature Needs Half Management Team
Rainforest Action Network founder & Executive Director of Foundation Earth

PS: In future newsletters we will cover values such as respect for people and respect for nature. You can check out that section of our website.

'Business as usual' must not be allowed to undercut the change that is deemed scientifically needed to maintain and restore nature’s systems and ecological functions, especially where problems are potentially cataclysmic.

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