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Our goal is simple: protect half the Earth. Getting there is possible only if we work together. Discover how others are confronting the complex issues facing conservation today, and learn how Nature Needs Half is promoting problem-solving to overcome these challenges.

Masada National Park, Israel. Photo by Rob Bye.
Mother Nature

Mother Nature's Advice Column: January

Posted in All Articles, Blog on 01/6/20

  Hi Mother Nature, I’m really needing some of your words of wisdom. See, I’m not that beautiful (on the outside) and I’m having trouble getting humans to see that I’m worth keeping around rather than destroying and replacing. My lack of color may be an eyesore at times and trust me I know that there are thousands of other places on this planet that provide much greater beauty but,...

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Ilarion Merculieff

Second Chance for Earth's Future

Posted in All Articles, Blog on 10/25/19

  Ilarion Merculieff has more than forty years experience serving his people, the Unangan (Aleut) of the Pribilof Islands and other Indigenous Peoples locally, nationally, and internationally in a number of leadership capacities. Ilarion is an independent consultant/president of the Global Center for Indigenous Leadership and Lifeways (GCILL) and serves as a Senior Advisor to the World Wilderness Congress and advisor to the Native Lands and Wilderness Council. His passion...

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Julie Cajune

Welcome Julie!

Posted in All Articles, Blog on 10/25/19

  About: Julie Cajune is a citizen of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes. She has been fortunate to have grown up and worked in the homeland of her Salish ancestors and relatives. This is the land that holds her affection. Julie has been able to serve her community as a teacher and school administrator. She has worked for her nation’s Education Department as a curriculum specialist and at Salish...

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Jayme Dittmar

6 Steps to Effective Conservation Collaboration

Posted in All Articles, Blog on 10/25/19

  6 No-Nonsense Steps to More Effective Indigenous Conservation Collaborations   Far too often we allow the unspoken norms of Western culture to dictate our interactions with the rest of the world, especially as they pertain to the protection of life on Earth. This can create unnecessary and unforeseen obstacles on the road to a more inclusive and effective conservation movement, benefiting from the power of cross-cultural collaborations.  Jayme Dittmar,...

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Dave Goulson/Bumblebee Conservation Trust

May Member Spotlight

Posted in All Articles, Blog on 05/3/19

  Dave Goulson Bumblebee Conservation Trust   Even the smallest lifeforms need space to live and continue to support the rest of life. Pollinators included. This is why University of Sussex professor of biology, Dave Goulson, has spent his entire career studying pollinating insects, especially bumblebees. Goulson was named the eighth most influential person in conservation, alongside Sir David Attenborough, by the BBC Wildlife Magazine in 2015 for his “clarity,...

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