Our goal is simple: protect half the Earth. Getting there is possible only if we work together. Discover how others are confronting the complex issues facing conservation today, and learn how Nature Needs Half is promoting problem-solving to overcome these challenges.

Masada National Park, Israel. Photo by Rob Bye.
What is a biodiversity? Image by Amy Lewis.

A Place for Nature Coalitions to Flourish

Posted in All Articles, Blog, Education, Multi-Media, News & Publications on 06/14/18

  Hello! Welcome to the new Nature Needs Half coalition-building website! We all know that protecting life on Earth, especially in this day and age, is a big task. But that is no reason to despair. Big is not the same thing as impossible, especially when we work together to surmount the toughest challenges. That's why we formed the Nature Needs Half movement back in 2009, to create a dynamic...

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Why is connectivity important in the rainforest?

Posted in Multi-Media, News & Publications on 04/19/18

Dr. Tom Lovejoy, considered to be the "godfather of biodiversity," revels in the importance of a connected rainforest ecosystem in the Amazon and the role that his Camp 41 serves — embedding human aspiration in natural landscapes.   [embed]]   Video by Jayme Dittmar, Drone footage by James Brundige of Nature Needs Half Media, created for “Planet Forward in the Amazon”

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Half the world must be set aside for nature, says Canadian conservationist

Posted in Library, Multi-Media, News & Publications, Papers & Publications on 08/29/17

Originally published August 27, 2017 by CBC Radio Canada Listen to the full radio segment > Harvey Locke is a self-described "free range conservationist". His ancestors lived in the mountains of the Bow Valley before Banff became a national park, and he still lives in the town of Banff. He happily shares his property with wildlife. It's not rare for a grizzly bear, or a wolf, or a 700-pound elk to wander...

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We Can Put an End to the Extinction Crisis

Posted in Blog, Multi-Media, News & Publications on 10/13/16

What needs to be done, who is doing it, and how it is getting done The Nature Needs Half Network sees two main goals: Protecting half the Earth one ecoregion at a time to preserve maximum biodiversity Defend human well-being by protecting the environment on which they depend for breathable air, potable water, fertile soils, and a stable climate. This effort is rapidly evolving, but at the highest level the...

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A recipe for balancing northern development with environmental protection

Posted in Multi-Media, News & Publications on 08/19/14

While environmentalist and industry views about Northern Australia's development almost completely differ, it's difficult to see how a fair balance can be struck. Conservationist and former Canadian Liberal Party candidate Harvey Locke has spent a lifetime researching how to weigh up the interests of industry and the environment, in the United States and Canada. He suggests development should focus on centers of high value industry, while making sure ecosystems remain...

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Plenilunium Sierra La Giga

La Giganta y Guadalupe

Posted in Blog, Multi-Media, News & Publications on 11/24/10

iLCP photographer Miguel Angel de la Cueva just finished his explorations of Baja California’s must rugged and pristine mountain ranges Sierras La Giganta y Guadalupe along with one of Mexico’s most accomplished ecologist Exequiel Ezcurra and Western States Award Winner author Bruce Berger, for 13 months they unveiled relic forests and exuberant oases hidden in remote mountain tops and canyons, the inaccessibility of this places kept this ecosystems pristine ,...

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Welcome to Nature Needs Half

Posted in Multi-Media, News & Publications on 01/31/09

An introduction to the global vision Protecting and interconnecting at least half of the planet, land and water, to support all life on earth is no small vision. Multimedia photojournalist Morgan Heim dives into what this bold, new conservation vision means with an inspiring combination of stunning photographs and powerful interviews.

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