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Staying informed is difficult, especially around conservation. Nature Needs Half news updates deliver you the latest information on the work to protect half, both internationally and regionally.

Vlad Tchompalov/Washington, USA
What is a biodiversity? Image by Amy Lewis.

A Place for Nature Coalitions to Flourish

Posted in All Articles, Blog, Education, Multi-Media, News & Publications on 06/14/18

  Hello! Welcome to the new Nature Needs Half coalition-building website! We all know that protecting life on Earth, especially in this day and age, is a big task. But that is no reason to despair. Big is not the same thing as impossible, especially when we work together to surmount the toughest challenges. That's why we formed the Nature Needs Half movement back in 2009, to create a dynamic...

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The Great Societal U-turn to Responsibility

Posted in Blog, News & Publications on 05/24/18

Randy Hayes’ SFSU Honorary Doctorate Speech May 24, 2018 -- AT&T Park -- San Francisco, California Nature Needs Half incoming chair, Randy Hayes, of the Rainforest Action Network, was honored by San Francisco State University as an honorary doctorate. The time for change has come, now it's our duty to lean in to it and embrace the "Great Societal U-Turn." A wise professor taught that when our careers are attached...

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How to pay for saving biodiversity

Posted in Library, News & Publications, Papers & Publications on 05/10/18

  Originally published by Science Magazine The 1992 Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) was one of the first international environmental agreements negotiated. In the same year, the Global Environment Facility (GEF) for funding biodiversity conservation in developing countries was launched. Yet 25 years later, biological populations and diversity continue to decline both on land (1) and in the oceans (2). The main reasons are chronic underfunding of global biodiversity conservation;...

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In Defense of Biodiversity

Posted in Library, News & Publications, Papers & Publications on 05/10/18

Originally published by Yale Environment 360 A number of biologists have recently made the argument that extinction is part of evolution and that saving species need not be a conservation priority. But this revisionist thinking shows a lack of understanding of evolution and an ignorance of the natural world. A few years ago, I helped lead a ship-based expedition along south Alaska during which several scientists and noted artists documented and made...

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Why is connectivity important in the rainforest?

Posted in Multi-Media, News & Publications on 04/19/18

Dr. Tom Lovejoy, considered to be the "godfather of biodiversity," revels in the importance of a connected rainforest ecosystem in the Amazon and the role that his Camp 41 serves — embedding human aspiration in natural landscapes.   [embed][/embed]   Video by Jayme Dittmar, Drone footage by James Brundige of Nature Needs Half Media, created for “Planet Forward in the Amazon”

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Extinction tsunami can be avoided

Posted in Library, News & Publications, Papers & Publications on 04/5/18

  Originally published by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America In many senses, the recent publication in PNAS by Ceballos et al. (1) on population losses and declines in vertebrates can be traced back to efforts early in the 20th century led by the American Committee for International Wildlife Protection to document the extinction phenomenon (2⇓–4). The focus at the time was very...

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"The 'future of conservation' debate: Defending ecocentrism and the Nature Needs Half movement"

Posted in News & Publications, Papers & Publications on 11/27/17

Originally published by Biological Conservation By Helen Kopnina, Haydn Washington, Joe Gray, Bron Taylor Abstract The Future of Conservation survey, launched in March 2017, has proposed a framework to help with interpreting the array of ethical stances underpinning the motivations for biological conservation. In this article we highlight what is missing in this debate to date. Our overall aim is to explore what an acceptance of ecocentric ethics would mean...

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