We can’t reach half without you! Which is reason enough for Nature Needs Half to celebrate every time a new member joins our ranks. Membership in Nature Needs Half is more than just an endorsement, it's a public statement to align your existing work behind attaining half. Thank you!

Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand. Photo by Jackman Chiu.
Below is a list of our partners (people and organizations who contribute significant time and resources to promoting the Nature Needs Half solution) and members (people and organizations who have embedded the principle in their work and are actively seeking new ways to achieve it).
Wilderness Foundation Global

An international alliance of conservation groups working together to protect wild nature while meeting the needs of human communities – for the good of all life.

Wilderness Foundation Global
The WILD Foundation

The WILD Foundation protects wilderness while meeting the needs of human communities using the power of collaboration and collective impact.

WILD Foundation white logo

RESOLVE forges sustainable solutions to critical social, health, and environmental challenges by creating innovative partnerships where they are least likely and most needed.

Resolve white logo
First Light Films

First Light Films is a world-class documentary team, creating films on social and environmental issues that educate and inspire.

FLF Logo White
The Weeden Foundation

Protecting biodiversity by addressing the factors leading to ecological impoverishment, using innovative tools that help develop sustainable models for conservation action.

Weeden Foundation white
Foundation Earth

A think tank that goes beyond research to put ideas into action for the purpose of bringing an Earth-centered economy into reality through a major rethinking of society.

FE White
Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

Dedicated to the long-term wellbeing of all Earth’s inhabitants, using collaborative partnerships and innovative projects to restore balance to Earth’s ecosystems.

LDF logo white
Google Earth Outreach

Google Earth Outreach empowers you to create positive change for people and the planet with Geo tools.

Google Earth Outreach white
Fund for Sustainable Tomorrows

Singularly focused on creating societal change through the power of media campaigns that inspire viewers to action.

FFST White

CoalitionWILD is a project that harnesses the power of collaboration to overcome isolation and discouragement and inspire and sustain youth conservation projects.

CoalitionWILD White
We encourage you to have a look-through our members to find new encouragement and inspiration for your own conservation work.
American brown bear/Photo by Janko Ferlic

Sierra Club

Protecting every person's right to get outdoors and access the healing power of nature, we work to promote clean energy, safeguard the health of our communities, protect wildlife, and preserve...

Rampart Lakes, United States/Photo by Sergei Akulich

Wild Heritage

Working to safeguard ecosystem integrity around the world to protect our wilderness legacy.

Northern Harrier/Picture by Suzanne York

Transition Earth

Works to increase awareness of the effects of population growth and unsustainable resource use on people and the planet.

Photo by Krzysztof Niewolny

Dave Goulson

British biologist, conservationist, and Professor of Biology (Evolution, Behaviour and Environment) at the University of Sussex. Goulson specialises in the ecology and conservation of bumblebees.

Yellowstone National Park, USA/Photo by Chloe Leis

Rewilding Earth

"Rewilding" is restoring natural processes and species, then stepping back so the land can express its own will.


Western Resources Advocates

Western Resource Advocates protects the West's land, air, and water to ensure that vibrant communities exist in balance with nature.


KTK-BELT Project

We work to catalyze new models of biodiversity conservation and environmental learning in eastern Nepal.

Bison Herd Heartland Ranch Nature Preserve/ Photo by Sean Boggs for EDF

Southern Plains Land Trust

Habitat is vanishing, leaving wildlife with no place to go. Here’s our solution: Buy the Land.

Photo by natataek/ Apeldoorn Apenheul Zoo

Bonobo Conservation Initiative

We work to protect bonobos, preserve their tropical rainforest habitat, and empower local communities in the Congo Basin.

Photo by Talia Cohen/ Isla Socorro, Mexico


The MigraMar network conducts the scientific research needed to better understand and safeguard healthy populations of marine migratory species in the Eastern Pacific.

Photo by Jong Marshes

Walk For Water

Providing clean water access to one and all. We are a link between nature and human life.

CBC and GDF Preview


Encourages, empowers, and enlightens people through campaigns, workshops/conferences, environmental educations and volunteer’s effort to ensure a proper utilization of China’s natural resources, environmental protection and wildlife conservation.