Our goal is simple: protect half the Earth. Getting there is possible only if we work together. Discover how others are confronting the complex issues facing conservation today, and learn how Nature Needs Half is promoting problem-solving to overcome these challenges.

Masada National Park, Israel. Photo by Rob Bye.
Photo by Mariana Medvedeva

Food in the Anthropocene

Posted in All Articles, News & Publications on 01/17/19

  Food in the Anthropocene: the EAT–Lancet Commission on healthy diets from sustainable food systems   Nature Needs Half (NNH)/Half Earth used as benchmark for sustainable food systems In a landmark study – “Food in the Anthropocene: the EAT-Lancet Commission on healthy diets from sustainable food systems” – published online and to be launched subsequently in more than 30 cities across the world, the NNH/Half Earth concept together with seven other...

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Spirit Island, Canada/Photo by Sergey Pesterev

Canadian Space For Nature Survey

Posted in All Articles, News & Publications on 12/31/18

  Summary The Canadian Space for Nature Survey polled over 2,000 Canadians across the country about their perspectives on parks and protected areas. Those polled were from a broad range of ages, educations, and incomes, with different geographical locations, genders, and household compositions. Regardless of these differences, the Canadian Space for Nature Survey found that across Canada there is overwhelming support for protected areas. 93% of Canadians believe that protected...

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Spiral Jetty, United States/Photo by Greg Rakozy

Dream Crazy

Posted in All Articles, Blog on 12/13/18

    How are we going to save the planet? By dreaming crazy.   Ten years ago, National Geographic explorer-in-residence, Sylvia “Her Deepness” Earle, couldn’t have been more clear about her opinion of Nature Needs Half. “I have a serious problem with this plan,” she told Vance Martin, President of the WILD Foundation, immediately after the Nature Needs Half launch at the 9th World Wilderness Congress in Merída, Mexico “50%...

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Talking Circle/Photo by CoalitionWILD

The single most important conversation for the protection of wild nature

Posted in All Articles, Blog on 12/13/18

  The Single Most Important Conversation We Must Have Before We Can Protect Wild Nature   If you’re like most people, you dread starting difficult conversations, especially when you have to ask for a substantial change in behavior. Working up the nerve to start a difficult conversation is challenging enough. But even when you are ready to start “The Talk” it isn’t uncommon to find that the person you need...

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Panda/Photo by Bruce Hong

NNH In Action

Posted in All Articles, Blog on 12/12/18

    Help inform others about Nature Needs Half by downloading and sharing this infographic! To download the graphic, right click on the image and select "Save Image."

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Amboseli National Park, Kenya/Photo by Harshil Gudka

LDF Executive Director Justin Winters introduces One Earth at Bioneers

Posted in All Articles, News & Publications on 12/4/18

  Kenny Ausubel, CEO and founder of Bioneers, introduced Justin Winters at the Bioneers Conference on October 20th, 2018. With contributions from scientists and partners around the world, One Earth, an initiative of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (LDF), has developed a bold, new plan to avert a climate crisis and protect our biosphere. Justin Winters, LDF's Executive Director, explains the three goals humanity needs to achieve by 2050: Transform our energy systems to...

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Photo by Jeremy Bishop/ Hawaii, United States

The 8 Million Species We Don’t Know

Posted in Blog, News & Publications on 10/5/18

    The 8 Million Species We Don't Know   The history of conservation is a story of many victories in a losing war. Having served on the boards of global conservation organizations for more than 30 years, I know very well the sweat, tears and even blood shed by those who dedicate their lives to saving species. Their efforts have led to major achievements, but they have been only...

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Photo by Photo by Chen Hu/ Serengeti, Tanzania

UN Biodiversity Chief Urges More Nature-Friendly World by 2050

Posted in Blog, News & Publications on 10/5/18

Make half of world more nature-friendly by 2050, urges UN biodiversity chief   At least half of the world should be made more nature-friendly by 2050 to ensure the wellbeing of humanity, according to the UN chief leading efforts to create a new global pact on biodiversity. The call to strengthen the world’s life support system comes ahead of a major conference in Beijing in 2020 that many hope will...

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